About Us


Cariad has been providing medical support to films, television and events since 2013 , ensuring a safe working environment for all and responding to incidents as required. Cariad works closely with emergency services and can call upon specialist skills including qualified close/personnel protection officers and water safety teams. This support continues today with the team continuing to grow and develop providing medical teams and support to productions across the UK.

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Excellence and Professionalism 

Cariad prides itself on our professionalism and excellent service, all our team members are qualified and have experience in working on film and television productions. 

Most of our team are current or retired military & emergency service staff. Our team and vehicles allow us to support every activity 24 hours a day. 

Our Water Safety team consists of trained emergency service personnel, ensuring crew, cast and equipment remain safe.


Equipment & Support


Our Motorcycle medics are perfect for supporting cycle events.


Our fleet of vehicles are fully equipped & easily identifiable with 4x4 capabilities.